Stewart Copeland's Adventures In Music

Stewart Copeland's Adventures In Music

Stewart Copeland has spent a life in music - listening, composing and playing. At the age of seven he was captivated by Carl Orff's Carmina Burana. 60 years and 25 bands later, including The Police, the spell is still strong, but why? How does music ignite that excitement? In this three part series, Stewart explores how music brings people together, moves them, binds them, communicates stories like no other art form. Why is it that music has seemingly transcendental powers that enable us to escape and connect with our Gods? Stewart travels the world meeting composers, musicians, filmmakers, DJs and scientists to ask the question, how does music work?

Genre: Documentary, Music

Release: 2020-01-17


Actors: ,


Runtime: 58 min

Year: 2020


IMDb: 9