My Grandparents' War

My Grandparents' War

As the world commemorates 80 years since the start of World War Two, this extraordinary new series sees leading Hollywood actors undertake a fascinating journey into their family’s past by re-tracing the footsteps of their grandparents during the conflict. We follow the moving, personal stories of Kristin Scott Thomas (The Darkest Hour, The English Patient), Mark Rylance (Dunkirk, The Bridge of Spies), Helena Bonham Carter (The Crown, Harry Potter movies) and Carey Mulligan (Never Let Me Go, The Great Gatsby) as they travel to historic locations, from the beaches of Dunkirk to prisoner of war camps in Asia, to learn about the war their grandparents experienced. All of the actors have unanswered questions about the scars war left on their grandparents, and in each authored episode they’ll explore how six years changed the lives of their family and the world forever while learning about the life and death decisions that their grandparents faced. Combining key moments in history with fresh and compelling biographical insights, this memorable series examines universal themes of love, bravery and self-sacrifice while telling extraordinary human stories of ordinary people caught up in one of the greatest man-made catastrophes of all time.

Genre: Documentary, Biography, History, War

Release: 2019-11-27




Runtime: 60 min

Year: 2019


IMDb: 7.2